Immigration Reform: A Path To Citizenship

Obama has made it clear that during his second term, immigration reform is a top priority that needs to continue to be pushed forward.  After watching videos of Obama’s interviews regarding immigration reforms, he is pushing for changing trends in immigration participation in the United States. Obama has  also pushed for legislations in the recent past for the young immigrants and children of immigrants to have a more fair opportunity to succeed in the United States and as a member of society.  Starting with the youth is the strategy to change trends in participation legally for immigrants coming to our country.

Many would say that immigration reform is loosening the boarders of our country and making it easier for illegal immigrants to participate as a citizen in the US with out all the legalities of what it means to be a citizen of this country.  After reading the four main sections of the “Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform”  (click here for full article) it is clear the intentions of this reform are not to loosen boards of this country to immigrants, but to provide for immigrants a clear straight path to achieve a legal status.  This reform wants to reward and help those here not engaging in criminal activity and help them achieve legal status so they can participate in the United States as active citizens contributing to society. The boarders are going to be just as secure and protected as they have been.

Obama has noted that historically, Latinos (the group with the highest immigration percentages to the US) have had the lower voter turn out in this country and the higher rates of illegally documented workers.  In recent years the Latino turn out have increased showing their sense of empowerment and civic participation.  Occurrences like this are making Obama feel confident that “immigration reform can get done”.  Laws are being put into place to help the youth that are here by no fault of their own.  Obama firmly believes that the youth should not be under a cloud of deportation and the immigration reforms are only positive in helping them become the Americans they aspire to be and contribute to society.


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