Immigration Reform, through a Republican view

Immigration reform has always been an important issue with President Obama and after watching his speech it shows how he is dedicated to change, yet is he going about it the right way? Obama’s main points on his immigration reform is to grant illegal immigrants earned citizenship so they can be right with the law. The fact is that these illegal immigrations are creating an unbalance in taxes, unemployment rates and effecting the standard of living in the United States. Republicans feel strongly that with Obama’s new immigration reform our economy will suffer and their are many examples to show it.

The new immigration plan is said to add “four times more guest workers then the rejected 2007 immigration proposal and, based on Congressional Budget Office data, adds 46 million mostly lower-skill legal immigrants and their relatives tot he country by 2033 (Sessions, 2013)”. This dramatic increase results will fallen wages, increases in unemployment, and the United States national wealth per-person will decline. As you can see, Obama’s immigration plan is not good for the future of America.

The problem with increasing the amount of people into the country is that they are now working and taking jobs from the citizens. Employers are not required to pay the undocumented immigrants as much as a U.S citizen therefore, they opt out for the cheaper option. Sessions brings up the hospitality business and how they are for the increase in immigrants and how they thank the Senate for allowing this increase. Half of their business is made up of immigrants. WIth unemployment rates so low, do they really need undocumented immigrants to fill those spots? He says, “in a free-market society, wages for workers are set by supply and demand” therefore would it be that hard to raise wages for the welfare of our own citizens? Research from Harvard’s George Barjas showed that, “high levels of low-skill immigration from 1980 – 2000 resulted in a 7.4% wage drop for U.S workers (Sessions, 2013)”. Therefore if we don’t crack down and deport the illegal immigrants who have been taking advantage of our citizens our standard of living will take a turn for the worst.

It is not that the United States does not want immigrants, we just don’t want the ones that do not give back. Immigrants that legally come into the country and wait to receive citizenship is what we want. The immigrants who hop the border and create a family illegally and do not pay taxes is not for the good of the country. Immigrants did build and continue this country and we would not be here without them but we want the immigrants who are driven, educated and have the good interest of the American people. We are missing out on the doctors and the mathematicians who can better this country in the end.

Sessions, J., (2013, September 4). Immigration Plan Bad for U.S Workers. USA Today. Retrieved from


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