Maryland Dream Act promotes Immigration Reform

dream actLast year the Maryland Dream Act was affirmed by Maryland Voters. The Dream Act stands for Development, Relief, and Education for Aliens Minors Act. The Dream Act’s two major premises are permitting certain immigrant students who have grown up in the UNited States to apply for temporary legal status to continue their education in universities and colleges, as well as, eliminating federal provision that penalizes states that provide in-state tuition without regard to immigration status.

Rae Carey, Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force speaks out about the affirmation of the Dream Act stating, “The United States is built on belief the belief that everyone get a fair shake to fully participate in civic life, and to be able to build a future in the place they call home. This vote does justice to this fundamental principle, and to our common humanity (”. Immigration Reforms are taking place all over the country. Now that the Dream Act is passed in Maryland, immigrants can now further their education in the United States. Education is the key to success and power, it is also a component that completes the “dream” that American stands for.

When immigrants move to America they have a plan in mind, they are looking for opportunities to turn their lives around for the better. Education is what is going to make that dream happen. Rae Carey also says, “Maryland is building brighter and more secure futures for our individuals…This not only benefits individual students, it makes our local communities, our states, and our country stronger and more competitive. (”. Rae Carey is completely right. Without education we can not grow as a country. WIth education we can find success in our economy, our army, our local and state governments and most importantly in our citizens.

Below is a video of thousands of undocumented immigrants reacting to the DREAM Act. They are signing up for work permits. It is amazing to see the excitement that these immigrants are showing because they are able to come out in society and start to live freely.

Sarda-Sorenson, I. (2012, November 7). Maryland voters affirm Dream Act with the passage of Question 4. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation. Press. Retrieved from


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