Could There Be Too Much Border Security?

Our overall argument for this blog is Immigration Reform and how to achieve legal immigration in the best way possible for our country. Border control is a hot topic that comes along with immigration reform. When is there too much border control or is that even a problem? The answer is no, there is never too much security at our borders. Along the border their are small towns in Texas that are expressing their concerns with the increasing border control and they are speaking out about it.


In the small town of Laredo, Texas, the increase of helicopters and security checkpoints are causing citizens fears to even go into those towns which is creating a loss in business and those neighborhoods to be poor and create crime. Juanita Valdex-Cox, executive director of the immigrant-rights organization LUPE in the Rio Grande Valley says, “We have seen billions of dollars spent on security. And then you think about the real issues as far as healthcare…and a good education” (Margolis, 2013). Those real issues, health care and education, are all direct effects of the crime, drug smuggling and illegal immigration that is happening. Without the increase border security and the push for earned citizenship these problems are only going to get worse and lead to even more issues.

So, for the citizens living down in the Texas border towns who worry about the increase security they should feel safe. Towns like Laredo is where the problem begins and then filtrates to the rest of the country. If border security can stop where the illegal immigrants are entering and smuggling drugs and people then immigration reform can take place. Those towns can then start their road to becoming more developed and independent. They are economically fragile because of their environment and people’s fear to be there. Immigration reform starts with increased border control.


Margolis, J., Texas Border Residents Argue Against More Security. PRI. (2013) Retrieved from


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